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( Nov. 17th, 2007 09:31 am)
You must visit Hearts of Glass, my friend's etsy site with her & her partner's gorgeous, gorgeous glass jewelry & beads. Their stuff is just divine. I have one piece of theirs, a red version of this sparkle leaf pendant, that is my favourite. I have been complimented on it everywhere (most recently, a security inspector at an airport. Seriously. Everyone loves it.)

They also have a facebook group, "Hearts of Glass."

Just wanted to share with those of you on my f-list who don't already know them. [I'm leaving this post unlocked, too]
My friends are brilliant, artistic, and fantastic, and continually amaze me. For exhibit A, I invite you to check out my friend Keith's Wooden Rings and Things. His stuff is really gorgeous, and he's very conscientious about making sure you're happy with what you get. He's being featured for the next month at the Ottawa School of Art's Hand-Made Arts & Fine Crafts exhibition.

Just wanted to share -- I've been meaning to link to his site for ages. You really should go and have a look.
Just wanted to share for anyone in New York -- my friend Matt Malone's one man cabaret show will be on this March. It should be good -- Matt has a great voice, a great sense of humour, and is full of energy. Of course, if I tell you anything more about Matt, it will utterly ruin the surprise ending. So... shhh!


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