Town Hall Readings: Writing Home with Don DeLillo, Kiran Desai, Neil Gaiman, Nadine Gordimer, Alain Mabanckou, Steve Martin, Salman Rushdie, Pia Tafdrup, Tatyana Tolstaya, Saadi Youssef.

Just bought my ticket. I am happy.

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That's my birthday, so I'll enjoy it vicariously as a birthday event. Excellent group of readers, although I admit a little sheepishly I have trouble finishing DeLillo's books *ducks head*.

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The only one of his books I have finished, I have to admit, is White Noise, which I finished more from a sense of duty than any real liking of it. But I like certain scenes, so I am glad to have read it.

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did not realize this was on the docket

man, i can't believe i miss this.

you must let me know of such things in the future.

btw, i reference you and steve martin in the same thought the other day. something about banjos and high iqs.

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Re: did not realize this was on the docket

I will indeed.

I feel honoured to be sharing a banjo/IQ thought with Steve Martin. Clearly you are falling for my elaborate facade!


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